Our Philosophy

HydroPlan lowers the risk for its customers by planning, designing and implementing efficient water management solutions. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations.

As a professional and independent consulting group, free of any commercial ties, HydroPlan maximizes the benefits from owning and operating irrigation systems.

We value...

our customers:
we focus on the needs of our customers and we deliver.
our people:
we care about retaining and training the best.
we form our own opinions and help others form theirs.
we start each project with a clean sheet and new ideas.
we take a direct route to plain truths to save time.
we do more with less water, capital, labour and energy.
we have the know-how to "get it right first time".

We deliver strategic technical services to protect our client's enterprise, environment, and water resources both now and in the future.

Feature Project

The IHS (Integrated Horticultural Supply) project involves replacement of channels with pipes i...