Andre Pretorius


André has been involved with irrigation design, specification, management and maintenance for over 30 years. He’s worked in a diverse range of climates to grow a wide range of crops - using different irrigation techniques to suit different cultures and countries.

He also has extensive expertise in the commercial landscape irrigation design and documentation including all aspects of specifications, tenders and project management. His experience with groundwater is well utilised around Perth, and HydroPlan projects elsewhere.

Before immigrating in 2009, André was the Irrigation Design Engineer for a 11,500 ha agricultural irrigation enterprise, and was also responsible for irrigation support to 400 growers farming a combined area of 47,000 ha irrigated with pivots, flood, canon, sprinkler and drip irrigation. As the leader of a sizeable advisory team, he was also responsible for construction supervision, pump maintenance, soil and water monitoring, survey, wastewater reuse and drainage schemes.

André was President of the South African Irrigation Institute (SABI) following a long association with education, training and certification.  He has a National Diploma (Geology) and is a  SABI Certified Irrigation Designer, which encompasses Australia’s equivalent of a Certified Irrigation Designer, Certified Irrigation Agronomist and Certified Irrigation Manager. He is also a Certified Irrigation Systems Auditor. 

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