Leisure time is valued highly by the public. HydroPlan's specialised irrigation skills are needed to deliver the specific outcomes that spectators and competitors want from their sport and recreational facilities, whilst meeting the time lines and budgets set out by facility owners, consultants, constructors and superintendents.

The success of HydroPlan's proprietary in-house processes is demonstrated at Olympic venues, race tracks, sports fields and golf courses throughout the world.

  • Golf courses
  • Football fields
  • Cricket ovals
  • Rugby & Aussie rules
  • Baseball & softball
  • Hockey & lacrosse
  • Horse racing & trialling
  • Driving ranges
  • Tennis, bowls, croquet, bocce
  • Olympic sites
  • Athletics tracks
  • Theme parks
  • Camping grounds
  • Sporting venues

The Presidential is an 18-hole Championship course on the beautiful Yanqi Lak...