Why do you need an irrigation design?

Irrigation is critical to plant growth - whether for production or aesthetics. Many systems through poor design and management apply water unevenly resulting in uneven growth and poor efficiencies. However, many users are unaware of their potential water and energy savings through system optimisation.

Many people also place all the emphasis on upfront cost, rather than the overall costs for the entire life of the project. Pumping costs, for example can often be reduced considerably with good design (Savings far in excess of any consultant fees...)

Why use an independent Irrigation Consultant?

Getting a HydroPlan consultant involved at the onset of your project ensures your capital is spent wisely and the benefits of good design carry on throughout the life of the irrigation system.

Independent design value adds by providing accurate and detailed plans which are not only vital for ongoing system maintenance and management, but detailed plans and specifications that belong to you (with no obligation of material or labour purchase) ensure competitive "apples for apples" quoting (that doesn't have to factor in the time taken to do a "free design"), using quality materials and installation.

Using an independent irrigation consultant will give you:

  • confidence that your irrigation design applies water as efficiently as possible, with the lowest operating costs. (Ongoing running and water costs can far outstrip any perceived savings in a cheaper upfront cost).
  • knowledge that there be enough flexibility in the system to keep your landscape or crop in top condition during weather extremes.
  • provide scheduling advice to ensure the system is operated efficiently.
  • opportunity to maintain accurate as built plans. How often do workers spend hours locating pipes and valves because plans are not accurate or detailed - or available! The cost of labour is generally the most expensive component of maintenance.

What does "independent" mean?

HydroPlan started as one of the very first independent irrigation consultancies in Australia. At the time (around 25 years ago) there was very little opportunity for decision makers to get advice that was free of product affiliations. Most companies providing a design service had a vested interest in the supply and or installation of the system. HydroPlan has no product affiliations ensuring our clients use the best available products in the right application to ensure the best end results which carry through the life of the system.

Why is HydroPlan different from other Independent designers?

Most independent consultants operate with only one or two staff. We follow the principal that if "two heads are better than one" then the more heads the better! Each job is unique, and often solutions are thrashed out with a number of staff, drawing on their many areas of expertise. HydroPlan has been around for 25 years and is the only independent consultancy in Australia with offices in 4 states, plus an international office in Beijing. More than 200 years of design experience is available to you every time you employ HydroPlan!

So while you will still get the personal service of a key consultant to look after your project, they will be able to draw on wider intellectual and operational resource to ensure the best end result.

What does HydroPlan provide?

As little or as much help as you need! If is has to do with water, then we can help. After in introductory discussion about your project - be it a small corner park, a new 36 hole golf course, or a new agricultural enterprise, we will put a proposal together based on your needs and your budget.

Fee basis can be a set fee for the project, or fee for time. Whatever your preference. As listed in the services section of this webpage, we do much more than pure irrigation design. Our goal is to provide service beyond your expectations and to give you a better irrigation or water supply system with less problems and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Why is project supervision so important?

Having your project professionally designed is a great start, but without a detailed specification and site supervision, there is no guarantee that the job is installed correctly. Once components are buried, mistakes, lower grade materials, or poor installation are hidden and may not become evident until after the defect liability period has expired.

The amount of site supervision recommended will depend on the size and complexity of the job. It can range from full time supervision on a large project, to a visit only at key stages of installation. The more supervision installers have, the lower your risks.

What are as built drawings?

Often minor changes are required during installation to cater for site variance. Plans therefore need to reflect these changes to ensure future maintenance can be carried out quickly and efficiently, or future earthworks on site avoid damage to the buried infrastructure. HydroPlan recommends surveyors be used prior to final backfill to pick up pipes, valves, wiring, and even sprinkler locations. Data is transferred to AutoCAD generated drawings for maximum accuracy. GPS hand held units can then be used to locate buried components when required.

What do others think?

  • Ask around: contractors and suppliers agree design is worth paying for.
  • Ask our previous clients - there must be a reason why they come back! (Feel free to contact us for referees.)
  • Ask yourself - are you getting the best possible result? At no time has the need for efficient use of water and energy been more critical.
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