Construction Services

Our clients need irrigation systems for their business, and they spend much more time using their systems than building them. So they appreciate HydroPlan's help during construction to make sure things go right. This may include a range of services from complete project management through to sporadic site inspections. When so much depends on pipes which are buried from view, it is important to have ready access to experienced decision makers who can enforce specifications and make the project run smoothly.

Services Include:

  • Assessment of tenders
  • Contract administration
  • Construction scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Witness testing
  • Client / contractor liaison
  • Recommendations and reporting
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • As-constructed drawings
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Certification

The result: Peace of mind that your project will have optimal performance for its economic life.

HydroPlan was commissioned for detailed design of an automatic irrigation system for the presti...