Design and Documentation

Irrigation systems have become sophisticated so specialists are needed to design the most appropriate solutions for your project and to document your requirements for supply, construction and commissioning of your system. As professional independent irrigation consultants, HydroPlan have a number of programs and procedures which maximise the efficiency water, time, labour and energy needed to get the best results.

Services include:

  • Optimized layouts
  • Component selection
  • Capital vs Operation costs
  • Performance optimization
  • Automatic Control systems
  • Hydraulic modelling & analysis
  • Complete system design
  • Associated civil and electrical
  • Detailed drawings
  • Bill of quantities
  • Tender documents
  • Technical specifications
  • Contract documents
  • Irrigation Risk Management plans

The result: Peace of mind that your project will have optimal performance for its economic life.

Feature Project

This very impressive apartment and shopping complex is situated on Broadway just minutes from t...