System Evaluation and Operation

New or old - irrigation systems need monitoring and maintaining if efficiencies are to be achieved. Over time pressures and flows will vary, equipment will deteriorate and site conditions will change. Often low cost changes recommended from a site audit and evaluation can make substantial improvements to efficiencies.

Services include:

  • Auditing
  • Troubleshooting and reporting
  • Independent review
  • Evaluation for system upgrade
  • Hydraulic performance testing
  • Pump and system testing
  • Expert witness
  • Asset valuation and inventory
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operating manuals
  • Training

The result: Peace of mind that your project will have optimal performance for its economic life.

We helped develop WaterNix to make data collection efficient and readily available to you. Data flies direct from loggers, SCADA, PC databases or anywhere to Nix which is a powerful web-based data management platform. Low cost subscriptions allow you to collect all forms of data from multiple sources onto the one site where you can chart/manipulate/download using just an internet browser. Importantly you can give permission to your team to log on and see some or all of your data in a highly secure environment. 

We assist water systems owners with their operations by remotely monitoring their control interface. Our operators understand water systems so they know how to interpret the information available and how to take appropriate action accordingly. 

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