Leaders in Irrigation and Water Engineering

Established in 1985, HydroPlan is Australia’s largest independent irrigation and water engineering consultancy.

Specialising in the design, documentation and construction services of irrigation projects, our team of engineers develop innovative, water-efficient solutions for the future. Operating throughout Australia and internationally, HydroPlan’s expertise in the field of irrigation and water assets blends accurate theory and innovation to drive the value, sustainability and performance of water assets.

Our team represents a wide array of qualifications and technical proficiency, providing valuable services to local government, sporting clubs, architects, developers, engineers, farmers and government authorities.

HydroPlan has earned a reputation for distinction among the industry, balancing expertise in agronomy and engineering with a commitment to independence and the interests of the end user.

Projects Completed

Projects Completed



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HydroPlan Projects

Find out how HydroPlan projects are driving sustainability outcomes across urban and regional assets.

Quelltaler Estate | Clare Valley
New onsite storage, transfer, pump and irrigation systems have restored the sustainability of Quelltaler Vineyard.
Tonsley Forest | Tonsley Innovation District
Tonsley Forest showcases the innovation of HydroPlan's irrigation design work, using misters to irrigate, cool and create ambience.
Aldinga Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme | South Australia
By storing treated waste water underground, Aldinga Aquifer Recharge Scheme provides a sustainable source of irrigation to local growers.