Tonsley Forest | Tonsley Innovation District

Previously the site of Mitsubishi’s Australian manufacturing presence, Tonsley Innovation District represents a cutting-edge approach to urban renewal and economic development. This 61-hectare site is located just 10km from the Adelaide city centre, providing a hub for high-value manufacturing, innovation and operation.

Aligned with the stages of development, HydroPlan has worked with Renewal SA, the City of Marion, contractors and consultants to develop sustainable irrigation design solutions for the site across car parks, streetscapes and the jewel in Tonsley’s crown – Tonsley Forest.

Located at the heart of Tonsley, the forest is a breathtaking green public space spanning both internal and open sections of the former Main Assembly Building of Mitsubishi motors. Designed by Oxigen Landscape Architects, the gardens within Tonsley Forest both disguise and enhance the industrial history of the site while also providing a nod to the future with a sustainable footprint and multitude of uses.

21st Century Irrigation

In 2012, HydroPlan was invited to provide expertise into the initial planning stages of the redevelopment of Tonsley innovation District. Several of the ideas presented at this stage were adopted through design and construction phases, most notably the use of misters in internal irrigation systems. The idea of misters was proposed to provide a sustainable form of water to plants and trees, while also reducing the requirements of air conditioning systems and energy requirements by cooling the surrounding environment. In addition to the cooling effect, the use of misters also creates a distinct ambience and requires a low volume of water compared to other sprinkler types.

Since then, HydroPlan has been involved in the development of irrigation systems including concept and detailed designs, the management of contract documentation, construction management and the provision of as-constructed drawings. With a heavy focus on sustainability, safety and the life cycle costs during the many stages of expansion, our services provided continuity by integrating the automatic controls and water supplies to the misters, sprinklers and micro-irrigation used across the various spaces in this large site.

Award-Winning Development

While Tonsley Innovation District has been awarded with 19 awards for sustainability, urban design, architecture and development, Tonsley Forest has also been recognised as the 2021 Healthy Parks Healthy People category winner in the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects awards.

Tonsley Innovation District sources water from the Oaklands Park Managed Aquifer Recharge System, through an extensive network conceived and delivered by HydroPlan.

Sources: Oxigen, Tonsley, InDaily
Images courtesy of Renewal SA and Oxigen.