Sha Tin - Hong Kong Jockey Club

Thousands of people come to the beautiful Sha Tin Race Course each week to watch and bet on some of the worlds best racehorses. It is one of only two racetracks in Hong Kong.

HydroPlan was responsible for the design, documentation and supervision of around AUD$1.5 million worth of irrigation for the main track and training track.

The 2 pump stations (one specifically for landscape irrigation) were all VFD drive pumps and included backup pumps.

Potable (mains) water is blended automatically with stormwater recycled from the drainage system. A decoder control system was used to give individual sprinkler control.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club called tenders from far and wide but chose HydroPlan for their specialised skills and ample resources including full-time site supervision of local contractors during construction.

The project offered many challenges including heavy racing schedules, tight access, and staged upgrade of mainlines which had subsided by up to two metres.

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