Glenelg Golf Course

HydroPlan was commissioned to undertake a review and hydraulic analysis of the existing irrigation system at the Glenelg Golf Club located in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

The review included on-site recording of operating pressures during a typical irrigation cycle, and a hydraulic analysis using HydroPlan’s hydraulic modelling software.

As is the case with many golf course irrigation systems, the layout at Glenelg had evolved and grown over the decades, beyond the capability of the original infrastructure.

HydroPlan designed and specified a new PE main distribution pipe network from the existing pump station to the extremities of the system, replacing old and tired Fibro-Cement pipes that were causing serious maintenance and performance issues.

Pressure losses within the system have been dramatically reduced, providing much more balanced operating pressures across the course and the ability to exploit the potential of the existing pump and control equipment, now and into the future.

HydroPlan also design new irrigation layouts for three holes as part of ongoing upgrades to the Glenelg system

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