Glenelg to Adelaide Recycled Water Scheme - Irrigation Risk Management Plan

The Glenelg to Adelaide Recycled Water Project is a landmark project which delivers a sustainable supply of recycled water for the Adelaide Park Lands and other sites in and around the city of Adelaide.  

It has the capacity to provide more than 3.8 billion litres of high quality recycled water annually. HydroPlan was commissioned by Adelaide City Council (ACC) to write the Irrigation Risk Management (IRMP) plan for all ACC sites using the recycled water.

The IRMP is a requirement for Department of Health approval to use the recycled water, but its key role is as the base for an operations manual which considers the requirements and challenges of using a lower grade, high nutrient water source across so many of Adelaide iconic parks and gardens.

HydroPlan was engaged to design a $3 million Margaret River water recycling project for the Aug...