Pinecliff Training Facility - GSA Bloodstocks
If there are any training facilities as impressive as Pinecliff, we haven't been involved in them (yet)!
Everywhere you look on this gorgeous property the attention to detail, sustainability and excellence is striking yet subtle. The postcard contrast of the turf track and 3 km sand track against the backdrop of the sea on the Mornington Peninsula belies the fact this is a very serious training facility where they also developed the world class "Armour Grass" and "Armour Sand". 
This multi-functional theme is evident not only in the equine research and breeding facilities, but in the complimentry biodivesity such as the indigenous plants, wetland, worm farm and other many animals that call this farm home.
HydroPlan provided irrigation design services during several stages of the development and has assisted with auditing and operations advice from time to time. 

As part of Waterproofing the South and an initiative to minimise use of potable water for irrig...