Inverell Jockey Club

Inverell is located in the New England region of north western NSW, and the Inverell Jockey Club forms an important part of its social fabric. Like like other small country race clubs, the Inverell Jockey Club has a volunteer workforce made up of retired members.

The existing system consisted of 4” aluminium hand shift spray lines operating from a pulley belt driven low pressure turbine pump unit installed into an existing bore located on the inner track area. The racing surface was less than ideal because the spray lines were heavy and slow to move, the water supply from the bore was limited, and watering window was restricted to daytime hours.

A review of the existing system led to HydroPlan's engagement to prepare a detailed design of a new irrigation system and pumping station.

The existing turbine pump was removed from the bore and replaced with a submersible bore pump so it would deliver water more efficiently and reliably to an existing 35 kL storage tank which was used to balance supply and demand.

A new vertical multistage irrigation pump unit with a variable frequency drive was then connected to the balance tank.

90mm pipe was used for a new ring main and installed between the course proper and the B grass track.

The 4” aluminium hand shift was replaced with four (4) new 50mm aluminium tow lines operated from 24 volt solenoid controlled hydrant outlets connected to a programmable time clock.

The end result was a low cost, reliable and effective irrigation system. The semi-automatic operation increased the potential watering window and reduced the labour input considerably. It may not be "state of the art" but it was a huge improvement and the best "bangs for bucks". 

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