Adelaide Shores Synthetic Soccer Pitch
The Adelaide Shores Football Centre is located on West Beach Road in West Beach and is Adelaide's first synthetic football pitch. The synthetic surface is the highest quality in Australia and the infill ensures it is 30% cooler than usual synthetic pitches. 
In July 2012, through a partnership between State and Federal Governments, Adelaide Shores, Green Play Australia, Football Federation of South Australia secured funding to commence the $2.2 million Adelaide Shores Football Centre project. Football Federation SA was formed in 2006 and since this time has been responsible for governing the sport in South Australia. 
The Centre is suitable for sports like lacrosse, rugby and football (including touch) and is perfect for hosting significant tournaments.
HydroPlan was commissioned by Adelaide Shores to provide a detailed irrigation design including booster pump for the synthetic surface of the new $2.2 million dollar Football Centre.
The soccer pitch is a full size international standard pitch using the latest technology in synthetic surfaces. The pitch required an irrigation system that could provide effective irrigation application without having sprinklers on the playing surface. Six Hunter STK-6B large capacity pop-up sprinklers with a flow rate of 1200 litres per minute at 800 kPa were installed around the perimeter of the pitch. 
Recycled (“GAP”) water is supplied to a booster pump system that provides irrigation to the adjacent sports field. A second booster pump set then boosts the water pressure to 900 kPa to operate the sprinklers. The system can run 2 of the sprinklers at once delivering over 2400 litres per minute at 800 kPa.
The irrigation is controlled by Adelaide Shores Toro system that uses OSMAC satellites and Lynx software. The system also controls the irrigation to 135 ha of golf courses and sports fields.
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