Aldinga Managed Aquifer Recharge

In 2009-10 following involvement in the ground-breaking preliminary trials in 2001, HydroPlan became the designer and project manager in charge of constructing and commissioning a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) scheme at Aldinga for SA Water and Willunga Basin Water. This project used treated urban wastewater, a first in Australia. The trial of 2 wells and 100 ML expanded to a commercially licensed scheme of 6 wells and 400 ML

The hydrogeologists AGT modelled well-fields and long term aquifer response out to 4000 ML. HydroPlan also operated the scheme for several cycles to collect data for stakeholders and deliver critical water to irrigators at the end of the drought. The scope included a project-specific website (forerunner to to capture site data and make it available to stakeholders, experts, EPA and other regulators.

HydroPlan used many innovative solutions to fast track the desired outcomes. A low-pressure self-regulating gravity injection arrangement was used until down-hole sensors and aquifer pressure regulation was possible. To minimise WHS issues and enable a single genset whilst mains electricity arrived, all control and monitoring was from a compound at WBW's existing pump station, and cables/pipes/sensors run to-from the well-heads. The temporary trial solution also had to cater for features required of the long-term solution.

HydroPlan was commissioned for detailed design of an automatic irrigation system for the presti...