Kelvinside Spelling Paddocks
The extensive training facilities at Godolphin's Kelvinside property near Aberdeen were expanded in 2017 to include another 52 spelling paddocks for yearlings. The staff are experts in the needs of the valuable horses in their care, so they approached HydroPlan with well-considered ideas to put into practice.
Many alternatives were considered before the best were chosen, plans and specifications were finalised, and tenders called for construction. After thorough tender assessment to ensure resources were available to meet the crucial program, HydroPlan provided weekly inspections, contract management, and as-constructed drawings. 
Irrigation is fully automated, and supplied at 1000 kPa from either of the two large variable speed pump stations drawing from the Hunter River. The pump stations and extensive network of pipes was designed and overseen by HydroPlan between 2002 and 2005 so every paddock of the large property can be irrigated with travelling irrigators. In the last decade various pop-up and drip systems were added around their many facilities and a training track.   

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