Port Vincent Water Supply Upgrade

Port Vincent - a quiet coastal village on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula, has recently had an increase in demand for water due to increasing tourism and population growth. This saw the need to upgrade the water supply to cope with demand.

HydroPlan was responsible for the design, documentation and supervision of a new 5 megalitre storage dam to balance supply and demand for potable water, and a new pump station to distribute the water to the township.

Detailed hydraulic modelling led to innovative pump controls which improve water quality by 'exercising' the elevated storage at the far end of town. The variable speed pump station is equipped with multiple pressure set points such that the pump is only used to maintain network pressure when storage level is low and pressure is low. The storage is capable of gravity feeding the town with adequate pressure at most times. Otherwise, the pump refills the storage at night if it falls below a threshold that ensures aged water is refreshed.

The project was funded by the York Peninsula Council and was handed over to SA Water for ongoing operation as part of their networks. The project was completed to SA Water's standards,and at a lower cost than that anticipated by SA Water.

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