Design & Documentation

The design phase presents an unparalleled opportunity to shape the performance of your irrigation or water assets, streamline operational considerations, and save resources.

As irrigation systems become increasingly sophisticated, the role of specialist designers is essential to develop functional, sustainable systems. By matching available resources with desired outcomes and innovative solutions, HydroPlan expertly designs systems that seamlessly balance efficacy with sustainability.

Our independence provides clients with the peace of mind that our approach is always focused on the needs of the end-user rather than the limitations of off-the-shelf products. In addition to design services, HydroPlan can document requirements for supply, construction and commissioning of your system, giving you the piece of mind that your project is adequately scoped, budgeted and shovel-ready.

HydroPlan's design & documentation
services include:

  • Optimised layouts
  • Component selection
  • Capital vs Operation costs
  • Performance optimisation
  • Automatic control systems
  • Hydraulic modelling & analysis
  • Complete system design
  • Associated civil & electrical designs
  • Detailed drawings
  • Bill of quantities
  • Tender documents
  • Technical specifications
  • Contract documents
  • Irrigation risk management plans

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