System Evaluation & Operation

As irrigation and water systems age, performance and efficiencies will decline. Our evaluation services diagnose system weaknesses and identify improvements to drive efficiency gains and restore optimal performance.

HydroPlan’s evaluation and audit services are designed to provide expertise to the operators of existing water assets, helping to extend the sustainable life under ever-changing constraints and maximise return on the original investment. Often low-cost changes can help to drive substantial improvements in system performance while also saving costs associated with resources, water and energy. HydroPlan’s experienced team can operate and monitor the systems and provide operators with strategic assistance at call.

HydroPlan's Evaluation & Operation services include:

  • Auditing
  • System operation
  • Troubleshooting and reporting
  • Independent review
  • Evaluation for system upgrade
  • Hydraulic performance testing
  • Pump and system testing
  • Expert witness
  • Asset valuation and inventory
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operating manuals
  • Training

Find out how HydroPlan’s Evaluation and Operation services have restored the performance of our clients’ assets.